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Due to our experienced team and loyal subcontractors of several years, Construction Fraber is able to offer a top-quality service. We specialize in addition of floors, house expansions, and the development and execution of all projects on a smaller scale such as, basement, bathroom, balcony and veranda renovations. The quality of our work is recognized by a varied clientele that requires what is best.

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Commercial Construction Renovation Service

Commercial services

With our qualified personnel and up to date technologies, Constructions Fra Ber Inc. will transform your workspace to fit your expectations.

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Residential Construction Renovation Service

Residential services

For big or small projects Constructions Fra Ber Inc.'s mission is to always satisfy the customer. Contact us for a free estimate.

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It is never easy to entrust the renovation of your home to a contractor that you have been referred but that you do not know personally. Our experience with Constructions Fraber in 2013 was crowned with success. We are entirely satisfied. The rigorous approach of M. Bergeron, his unmistakeable experience and the respect of every clause stated in the contract compels us to share our enthusiasm. Since then, many homeowners in our neighborhood have done business with the company. Word of mouth is sometimes the best publicity.

– Lyne Girard & Norman Doucet, Verdun, Montreal


Throughout the years we have had to realize various improvement projects of importance on the behalf of our enterprise. The mandates in construction, renovation and improvement bestowed to Construction Fraber inc. have, without a doubt, contributed to the success of those projects. The “Fraber” service is executed, every time, with maximum professionalism and the enterprise sees to quality control of the work to insure its excellence within delay and within budget. The name “Construction Fraber inc.” is, in my opinion, an example of reliability in the field.

– Yoland Aubin, Corporation de Gestion de la Voie Maritime du Saint-Laurent


We are happy to be able to rely on Construction Fra Ber Inc. amongst our numerous business partners. For now over 10 years. Construction Fra Ber has always delivered contracted services within time and budget allowed. Our clients have also often expressed their satisfaction thowards the Fra ber team for the quality of their work and their cooperation when installing modular buildings in conditions that are not always optimal.

– Guy Boisvert, ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd.


I called upon the services of FRABER multiple times these last few years for the 3 enterprises I direct. Whether it be for major or minor repairs, the service is very personalized and professional. The results are dependable. François, the president, is very available for his clientele.

– Collins Clarke MacGillivray White / Wray Walton & Wray Funeral Homes


We have called upon the services of Construction FraBer Inc on many occasions within our modular installation in Quebec. The installation teams have always delivered the same level of professionalism and the work is always impeccable. The site is always clean and safety is prevalent. When I meet my clients after the installations they always have something good to say about the team. François Bergeron represents us in front of our customers and he always provides good advice. I recommend Construction Fraber inc without hesitations.

– Alain (AJ) Leclerc, Director of Territoire Province de Québec


Fraber Constructions and especially Francis, took over the renovation of my basement in record time. Caught in a situation where work had begun at home and was still not completed after 2 months, Constructions Fraber took over all the work and finished everything in a record time of 1 week. The result is fabulous, both in terms of the quality of work at the speed of execution. I am completely satisfied of the work done and I will definitely use their experience in other projects without hesitation!

– Lise Houle, Candiac

Association de la Construction du Québec Régie du bâtiment Québec

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Constructions Fra Ber inc was founded by M. François Bergeron in 2003. Located in Delson, Montérégie. M. Bergeron has more than 30 years experience in the field of construction.


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