You have to insure that your contractor is in possession of a construction contractor licence bestowed by the Régie du Bâtiment. Refer to the RBQ website to consult the registry. Work executed by an unregistered « contractor » could cause you serious problems especially in regards to the warranty of the work done.

Did you know… for the foundations…

  • All foundation work must be levelled under the frost line.
  • During extension work the new foundation must be attached to the existing foundation using steel studs because concrete does not stick to concrete.
  • When laying concrete, the wet mix must not be in the cement mixer for more than 2 hours.
  • Concrete attains 75% resistance after 7 days but 28 days are necessary for it to cure completely.
  • The longer concrete stays liquid, the better. This prevents micro cracking.
  • Walls of the foundation must be insulated in continuity with the floor and the walls.

Did you know… for construction…

  • It is preferable to let the structure of the house breathe before installing insulation even if dry wood is used.
  • Beams and roof trusts are structural elements and no frame must be cut or modified without the details of the renovation being approved by the manufacturer.
  • Tar paper must be installed under the asphalt shingles otherwise the manufacturer's warranty is void.
  • A membrane must be installed on he eave to prevent water infiltration by ice formed by the loss of heat from the exterior wall.
  • Ventilation of 1/300 of the area of the roof is necessary.
  • The joints of studs must be caulked before installing a vapor barrier.
  • Exterior wall must have an insulation indicator of R-24.
  • The air contained inside is what provides the insulation, not the material.
  • Insulation that is installed too tightly is not efficient.
  • Tar paper must be installed under the subfloor in the basement and in the case of hardwood floors.

Did you know… for the plumbing…

  • It is impossible to weld a brass pipe if water is still inside.
  • Every return pipe must be ventilated (except cetain cases where the diameter of the pipe is sufficient).
  • The minimum incline of a sewer pipe is 1/8 po per foot.

Did you know… for the electricity…

  • A service electrical wire cannot travel more than 3 feet inside the home without being encased in concrete.
  • A service electrical wire cannot be more than 3 feet above the roof.
  • An electrical outlet must be installed with the ground up.
  • An electrical outlet cannot be installed less than 1 meter from a sink without being GFI.
  • The outlets for the microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and countertop must be on individual circuits on the electrical panel.

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